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English speakers call them cobblestones.
The French call them pave. In Italy they are known as ciotollo. 
And in Flanders we call them De Kassei.

Designed In belgium

Our clothing range is designed at our Atelier in Brakel, the epicenter of Flemish road cycling. The kassei in our courtyard were laid in 1902, the period between the inaugural Paris Roubiax and the first Tour of Flanders.

Born out of a love for the cobbled classics, our designs are created just a stone’s throw from iconic climbs such as De Muur van Geraardbergen, the Bosberg and the Koppenberg. 

They celebrate the heritage and the personalities of those Flandrien who’s grit and resilience in racing over the cobbles has become legend

Designed In belgium

De Kassei makes cycling apparel that is inspired by the cycling heritage of this incredible region. Our designers base their designs on a deep understanding of the history, personalities and iconic imagery of the past century of road racing.


Today the term Flandrien is not so much about a nationality but a mentality of determination and perseverance.  Our range was born out of a need, a need for people to identify with the Flandrien spirit, both on off the bike. Our logo is instantly recognizable to any lover of cycle sport.


Welcome to the family.


Welcome to De Kassei.

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