Flandrien Hotel

By De Kassei

The nickname “Flandrien” was first used to describe the Flemish track cyclists who competed at 6-day races in the USA in the early decades of the twentieth century. The term was later adopted for the gutsy riders from Flanders who dominated the Spring Classics.

Today the term Flandrien is not so much about a nationality but a mentality of grit, determination and perseverance.  By battling the elements and riding the fabled cobbles and climbs of the region, you too can call yourself Flandrien! 

By Flandriens For Flandriens

The Hotel

The Clubhouse is your cosy home away from home where you can watch cycling events on the big screen while enjoying a selection of Belgian beers, hot and cold drinks and appetizers. We have a retail area with apparel from Bioracer and Çois Cycling and essentials like Co2 cylinders and inner tubes.  

The Clubhouse is usually open to the public on weekends – check the bottom of the Flandrien website for opening hours.  

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