Flandrien Hotel Cycling Socks – Unisex


Defeet is no unknown name in the world of the Flandrien. Belgian champs such as Museeuw Boonen and Gilbert where fans of the iconic Defeet socks.

These socks are based upon the iconic design of the Peugeot-Michelin Cycling Team.  But why should a pair of socks hark back to a French Team you might ask?”

Because the Peugeot-Michelin Cycling Team was the first European pro outfit to bring in English speaking professionals en masse, with riders such as Tom Simpson, Rober Millar, Sean Yates, Stephen Roche, Phil Anderson and Allan Peiper racing for the squad – the very first generation of “international Flandrien.”

So for anyone coming from countries such as Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the USA there is a very special connection with the black and white checks on these made in the USA socks. In the true Flandrien spirit these socks are made out 0f 100% recycled ocean plastic.


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The thin profile Aireator features an open mesh weave over the foot top, making these lightweight socks ideal for all forms of cycling and everyday adventure. Breathable, moisture wicking, and durable.


• Made from recycled water bottles, proudly produced in the USA
• No padding / 4-season / synthetic
• Content: 60% Nylon, 39% Recycled Polyester, 1% Lycra
• Weight: 1.6 oz/.10 lb
• Care: Machine wash cool. Tumble dry low. No bleach, softeners, or harsh detergents.


S – 36-40 / M – 40-43 / L – 44-46


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